From Putting out Fires to Making Your Wedding Cake Shine

Pastry Chef Kory has been involved with wedding cakes and fine pastry production for over 20 years. While working for small pastry shops, fine dining restaurants with in-house bakeries, and high-volume production with the University of Michigan, Kory developed his skills and is now able to offer you the ultimate wedding cake experience. 

Chef Kory

Chef Kory

Quality, Affordability, & Flexibility

Kory and his wife, Christina, created The Wedding Cake Art & Design Center to offer the highest quality product at the lowest possible price with the flexibility to create the personalized wedding cake of your dreams.

A Family Business

Kory, his wife Christina, and their two children, Trevor and Anna, have lived in Brighton, Michigan, for the past 20 years. While Kory is decorating, Christina is out meeting with wedding coordinators and venues to show off their beautiful work and create beneficial vendor relationships.

Not Just a Chef

As well as an accomplished pastry chef, Kory is a career firefighter with the area fire department. After putting out a fire or cutting someone out of a wrecked car, he comes home and works on the most delicate cakes and tortes (after washing his hands, of course!). Trevor and Anna are often found in the kitchen watching and hopefully learning, so dad can retire some day and watch and learn from them.



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