Buttercream Wedding Cakes

While fondant cakes also feature buttercream frosting underneath the polished fondant, with a strict buttercream wedding cake, we make this rich, indulgent frosting the star! We whip up our buttercream from scratch with ingredients you can count on one hand: eggs, butter, sugar, and vanilla. If you use quality ingredients and professional, practiced technique, you don't need stabilizing ingredients! Buttercream cakes start at $3.60/person.


Rustic or Vintage Look

There is nothing more classic than a buttercream wedding cake. For weddings with a rustic or vintage flare, a buttercream cake is just the thing! 

Elegant Frosting Textures

Buttercream is perfect to showcase delicate and stylish piping and textured designs on a classic, monochrome cake. 

Perfect for Flowers & Fruit

Fresh fruit toppings and delicate flowers are showcased beautifully against buttercream frosting. 

A Sampling of Buttercream Wedding Cakes We've Made


Taste Test

The proof of the cake is in the tasting, so contact us for a complimentary consultation where we offer tastings of our homemade cake flavors and frosting.